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Premium Grill Smoker 16" Long Kombi with smoke tower / 6.2 mm

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The Nette Lette Premium offset Smoker Grill diameter 16 inches Long version / Kombi with smoke tower / 6.2 mm 

A special edition - easy-to-move smokers fitted with wood elements and several accessories which are already included in standard Grill Smoker set of this model.

Our hand-made Barbecue Smoker Grills have been made from solid steel meeting a high-quality standard.
Nette Lette BBQs have been designed for both experienced and hobby grill fans. They are ideal for gentle cooking with warm air, as well as for roasting and boiling.
Thanks to its vertical smoking chamber, you can also cold-smoking and warm-smoking hanging products with this grill device. 
The Grill Smoker 16" is suitable for all kinds of direct and indirect grilling.

The benefits of the kombi smoker with smoke tower:

  • The smoker tower is made out of 6.2 mm thick steel (like the cooking chamber and heating chamber).
  • The grilling surface of the smoker chamber is larger than with other models with a removable smokehouse.
  • 2 rods have been welded into the smoker chamber on top – more space for fish and other hanging BBQ items.

You can slow smoke sausage, cheese, fish & jerky in the vertical chamber, while smoking ribs, pork, brisket & chicken in the horizontal chamber and, if you want, grill steaks, burgers and hot dogs in the firebox all at the same time.

Data, equipment, properties:

Dimensions (with chimney and carry handle): L x D x H: 210 x 75 x 170 cm
Weight : approx. 255 kg
Thickness of wall: 6.2 mm
Barbecue BBQ in inches: 16" (40 cm)
Cooking surface in cooking chamber: 100 x 39 cm
Cooking surface in heating chamber (firebox): 45 x 39 cm
Cooking surface in smoke tower 3 x Ø 39 cm

Height of chamber in vertical smoke tower: 76 cm
Working-, BBQ height : 80 cm
Smoke pipe : Ø 80 mm
Front tray on cooking chamber (can easily be folded underneath or removed): 80 x 25 cm
Front tray on heating chamber (can easily be folded underneath or removed)
The closures of the heating chamber and smoking tower doors are equipped with specially treated oak wood
Increased maneuverability
Shelves in the cooking and heating chamber are made of specially treated oak boards.
Oak handles on firebox door on cooking chamber door and on vertical tower door
Sturdy frame (removable)
Bottom shelf (easy to remove): 34 x 80 cm
Rubber-coated steel wheels : 2 x 40 cm diameter (removable), 2 x 20 cm diameter (removable)
Stainless steel grill grates in firebox, cooking chamber Ø 6 mm
Stainless steel grill grates in smoke tower Ø 4mm
10 mm fire grate made of solid steel rods for the heating chamber
Built-in high-precision stainless steel waterproof thermometers made in Germany
Adjustable vent opening in the fire chamber for controlling air intake and heat control
Smokehouse pipe with exhaust air control control
A hanging construction for a lamp
Bars for hanging meat or fish at the top of smokehouse
Cooking plate above the firebox
Grip/carry handle (easy to remove)
Side table (optional) is made of specially treated oak boards
Swivel arm on the firebox
Scraper for removing burning embers and cinders
Bin for fat and liquid waste

All edges and attachment parts have been sanded down. No risk of injury from sharp edges.
Our smokers are sand-blasted before painting to remove all dirt first- this makes the heat-resistant paint last longer.
Painted with 800°C heat-resistant high-quality branded paint.

Comes with:

2 x grill grates Ø 6 mm for combustion chamber
3 x grill grates Ø 6 mm cooking chamber
1 x fire/charcoal grate for firebox
3 x stainless steel round grates Ø 40 cm for smokehouse
2 x bars for hooks the top of smoke tower
1 x front shelf on firebox
1 x front shelf on cooking chamber
1 x bottom shelf
1 x grip/carry handle
4 x rubber-coated steel wheels
1 x hanging construction for a lamp
1 x grease bin
2 x scrapers for burning embers and cinders with specially treated oak handles
2 x built-in waterproof stainless steel thermometer
2 x slots in cooking chamber for digital thermometer cables​
Cooking plate on firebox
1 x swivel arm

Warranty: 10 years on housing
                3 year warranty on all moving parts
                2 year warranty on thermometer and accessories

We offer the following accessories for your grill smoker: Side table, grill grates 2nd level, cover hood, fire grate for cooking chamber, convection plates made of steel 4 mm or stainless steel 1 mm, revolving spit (motor not included), cover spacer, cooking pot made of cast iron, touch-up paint 400 ml, stainless steel ribs holder, BBQ set of 3 pieces (stainless steel) , grill skewer set and brush. 
You can also order a Grill Smoker with the heating chamber on the opposite side (left).
When purchasing a Grill Smoker with accessories, the accessories come at a lower price than if you order the accessories separately later.
Please note that the Grill Smoker cannot be retrofitted with the 2nd level grill grates, rotisserie set and front tray on the heating chamber.

If you want to order a Grill Smoker with special equipment, or you cannot find the right accessories you need, drop us a line we will always try to find a solution.

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